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Action Shots

Nick & Gina Robertson's 2006 Off-Road California street legal car enjoying the Easter holiday at Glamis.

Another view of the Robertson's off-road car.

Kenny and Christy Harrison's California street legal offroad car at Glamis.

Shelley's Monster wheeling down Patton Hill, Gordon's Well, CA.

Another airborne MX2

Owner/driver Randy Clary aka Lead Dog in a DeJong Sand Car.

Wheely action at Glamis.

Chuck McDole's "Wheely Machine"!

Randy Clary at Glamis

Sand drags at Gordon's.

Vince DeJong piloting Shelley's Monster.

Todd Smith takes a flying leap!

Todd Smith going back for more!

Chuck McDole out for a Sunday stroll at Glamis.

Chuck McDole shows a little donut action!

Scott Mitchell knows no limits at Oldsmobile, Glamis!

Chris Parker tearing it up Oldsmobile.

So much power...so little time!

Wheelies are effortless for the Monster Manx!

Ken Harrison at Glamis

Chris Haan flying his MX2 in the dunes at Glamis.

Chris Haan.

Shelley's Monster at Glamis.

Vince DeJong piloting a 2005 MX2.

Vince, Chris and Ken racing at Glamis.

Chris Haan jumping his MX2.

Ken Harrison catching big air!

Ken Harrison's MX2 Offroad car.

Shelley's Monster, driven by Vince DeJong.

Monster Manx wheely machine!


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