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DeJong Racing Advertising & Sponsorship Packages

DeJong Off-Road MXR with Monster Energy Comp

DeJong Off-Road MXR with Morongo Comp
DeJong Off-Road MXR with Rockstar Energy Drink Comp

Your company has the opportunity to be in the driver's seat to market your products to one of the largest and fastest growing industries today, the off-road industry.

As a matter of fact, attendance and exposure in the off-road industry has increased an average of 87% per year since 1990 according to MJI Int'l survey dept.

Over the years DeJong has developed an incredible reputation with their customers and has made a name for themselves in the motorsports industry.

The goal for the DeJong Race Team is to become a leader in the off-road racing and off-road manufacturing industry and to bring their supporters with them. DeJong recognizes that success takes team work and is therefore looking to combine efforts with other companies that have the same goal, that is Success!

By advertising with DeJong Racing you will be promoting your product or service in a proven and efficient market. For example: AutoZone's Durables battery leaped from 24th to 4th in sales nationally according to Jim Turnure, racing coordinator for the retail auto parts chain AutoZone, who attributes that success to advertising in off-road racing.

America's love affair with the automobile has created a strong and loyal fan base for motorsports and companies affiliated with it. As a matter of fact 81% of motorsports enthusiasts plan vacations that include an off-road event or activity. (Advanstar Communications' Corporate Research Department - June 2005

There is no better time than the present to get involved with DeJong Racing where the only limits are your imagination!

Why should you join our race program?

Motorsports has the greatest fan participation and brand loyalty of any other sport in the world. DeJong Racing has the unique ability to offer you an innovative marketing partnership that provides everything you need to effectively market and promote your company's products and services.

The Off-Road Market is valued at $4.6 billion
(Advanstar Communications Corporate Research Department - June 2005)

Off-Road Enthusiasts Are Passionate…

81% plan vacations around off-road activities or events
50% are off-road or at events on either a monthly or weekly basis
70% travel more than 100 miles on average for off-road activities or events
44% travel more than 200 miles on average for off-road activities or events

...And Spend Money To Prove It!

92% purchased off-road products over the past 12 months
59% spent $1000 or more on off-road products over the past 12 months
25% spent $5000 or more on off-road products over the past 12 months

They Are Active Off-Road Motorsports Enthusiasts!

66% Desert
46% Motorcycle / ATV
44% Trail Riding
44% Sand
35% Mud
27% Rock Crawling
22% Tough Truck Series
22% Short Course

They Are Heavy Users Of Off-Road Vehicles

73% Trail Ride
47% Sand Dunes
44% Commute
32% Competition
30% Hunting / Fishing
27% Snow
25% Deep Mud
21% Rock Crawl

They Have High Vehicle Ownership

89% Trucks / SUV's
79% Motorcycles or ATV's
64% Full-Sized Vehicles
60% Compact Vehicles

They Have High Vehicle Purchase Intentions

65% Motorcycles or ATV's
54% Trucks or SUV's
35% Full-sized Vehicles
13% Compact Vehicles

Off-Road Enthusiast Profile

97% Male
29.9 Years Median Age
$111,000 Average Household Income
53% Own 2 or more off-road vehicles
93% Attended an average of 5.2 off-road events in the past 12 months
(NJW Research - October 2005)

Shows / Events/ Exhibitions - DeJong's 2006 event schedule will take DeJong and their sponsors to approximately 3+ shows and/or exhibitions each month in which over 1.2 million people will attend. Our show booths will be available for sponsor hand-outs, brochures, flyers, discount coupons, etc.

Sponsors are welcome to distribute their printed materials at our show space or we will do it for you. Our Weekend Warrior trailer and Class 1 MXR race car will travel with us to all shows where permitted. For any shows or events we attend that we are not able to display the trailer or race car, we will prominently display sponsor information at our show booth.

Rolling Billboard - Our Weekend Warrior will travel thousands of miles a year attending shows and races all over the United States and Mexico as well as to the Imperial Sand Dunes. The unique advertising opportunity of a "rolling billboard" which will be seen by millions of people is endless.

Print Media - Sponsors' supplied flyers, stickers, t-shirts, etc. will be made available for advertising at each show. Other forms of advertising from our sponsors may also be provided for advertising opportunities such as Easy-ups with sponsors logo, trailers or vehicles displaying or wrapped with sponsors advertising.

Web Site Exposure - With over 8,900 views a day on our website, Sponsors will have enormous exposure as we will promote them and provide a link to their web sites according to their sponsorship package criteria.

Race Information and Class Competition

DeJong Racing will be competing primarily in the SCORE series in class 1; with appearances at various local races including, MDR, MOORE and BEST IN THE DESERT.

DeJong Racing will be competing in Class 1 which is highly promoted through media and considered the best of the best in off-road racing along with the trophy truck class.

SCORE is the world's premier desert racing series with races in California, Nevada, and Mexico, SCORE is one of the most popular and recognized off-road racing venues in the world. S.C.O.R.E races are known to attract 200,000. race fans stretched out across hundreds of miles of rugged desert who camp out for days just to be part of the event and see the racers pass.

The 2006 Baja 500 featured racers and supporters from U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Columbia, France, New Zealand and Japan. According to Dominic Clark, media contact for S.C.O.R.E , and the Mexican tourism officials, this years event was the largest recorded in history of the summer desert classic easily eclipsing the event record of 384 that was set and tied in 1976 and 1977. It was also the largest starting field in the three-decade-plus history for the S.C.O.R.E. race in Mexico, and second-most in the entire history of S.C.O.R.E.

The record setting race was filmed for television by Aura360, S.C.O.R.E.'s TV production partner, to air in December as a one hour special on NBC in the U.S. and ESPN International worldwide.

Local Exposure

DeJong Racing will be competing in Class 1 in the following local race series when not attending an event or SCORE race as their schedule permits. These races are held in the California desert areas of Barstow, Lucerne Valley, Plaster City and others as well as the deserts of Nevada. The M.D.R. and M.O.R.E. races have approximately 1500 attendees as well as about 100 participants and their pit crews according to James Clements, a local race official.
The Best in The Desert Series has over 4,000 attendees and over 50,000 mailers distributed across the U.S. according to Casey Folks, owner and operator of Best In The Desert, Inc. Racing. Local races are given exposure here in the U.S. through video's (too many to name), Trade Shows, Stadiums show events, Off-Road Magazine coverage such as Dusty Times , Desert Sports and Recreation, San Diego Off-Road, Toy Hauler, SEMA Off-Road and with the distribution of flyers, poster , mailing lists and off-road web based businesses offering news and online chat groups such as Dirt News, Trackside photo, Race Dezert, Desert Rangers, Fotosol and many more.

DeJong Racing understands that each company is unique. Therefore, we can customize a package to meet your company's specific marketing, advertising and communication needs as well.

Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Type: 2006 DeJong MXR
Manufacturer / Fabricator: DeJong Manufacturing, Inc.
Engine: Turnkey 550 horsepower LS2
Transmission: Mendeola S5
Suspension: DeJong Independent Suspension
Travel: Front: 23 " Rear: 20" Fox Racing Shox
Tires: BFGoodrich 35 Baja T/A's
Lights: Baja Designs
Graphics / Paint: Streight Edje / Precision Powder Coat
Dimensions: 120 inch wheelbase,
92 inch front track width and 91 inch rear track width.

Media Relations Call: 909-935-5096 or email info@dejongsandcars.com


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