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DeJong Off-Road Border Patrol DX2


California and Arizona Search & Rescue Units of the U.S. Border Patrol boost their emergency response with new DeJong Off-Road DX2 Custom Off-Road cars. The all new Border Patrol DX2 is based on the civilian DX2 Off-Road model, but modified to fit the specific needs of the Search & Rescue units.

Each Border Patrol DX2 is a four seat transporter that features a full chromoly chassis and suspension components with over 20" of wheel travel to each corner. Race proven and championship winning FOX RACING SHOX, provide the reliable and smooth ride across the nastiest terrain. A healthy Chevrolet LS1 fuel-injected engine powers the DX2 while the Mendeola 2D transaxle spins the 35" ProComp X-Terrain tires and beadlock wheels to speeds of 100 mph plus. Stopping is no problem with the performance 4-wheel disc brake system.

Customization of the DX2 chassis includes lower sides for quick and easy access to and from the cockpit when wearing gear belts, removable passenger B-pillar and seats to accept the rescue basket for safely transporting the injured.

The Border Patrol DX2 is equipped with emergency radios, siren, emergency lighting, Vision-X infrared lighting for night tracking. The custom roof rack holds the rescue basket securely, along with spare tire and other gear.

"The Border Patrol Search & Rescue DX2 by Dejong Off-Road is truly a performance machine, designed to provide the quickest emergency response in remote areas of our nation's border. We enjoy working with the U.S. Border Patrol to provide our country an elite tool for the job. The DX2 will be a great life saving asset for years to come." - Vince DeJong, President of DeJong Off-Road Cars


DeJong Off-Road Cars Custom Border Patrol DX2

DeJong Off-Road Cars Custom Border Patrol DX2

DeJong Off-Road Cars Custom Border Patrol DX2

DeJong Off-Road Cars Custom Border Patrol DX2

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