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The "Monster Manx" with the new engine is probably the fastest car I've ever driven.
New MXR!
Plus, All New Arrive & Drive Race Program
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DeJong Base Camp before the race.

KC prepping side panels.

Photo courtesy baja.net

The MXR on the first leg of the race.

Photo courtesy fotosolweb.com

Photo courtesy fotosolweb.com

Photo courtesy dirtnewz.com

Photo courtesy dirtnewz.com

Approaching the Pine Forest.

Drivers and co-drivers at the finish line.




MDR Race in Plaster City, CA.

DeJong off-road car in action at the Plaster City MDR race.

DeJong off-road car at Plaster City MDR race.

Driver Vince DeJong at the Sand Car Challenge, 2004

Sand Car Challenge, Orange Speed Center, San Bernandino, CA.

Vince getting big air!

Vince leading the race against his opponent

Sand Car Challenge, '04

The MX2 takes another jump.

Vince placed 8th out of 64 contestants.


Photos courtesy of Paul Molina

A closer look at that jump...

Another close-up.


Driver Vince DeJong powering out of a turn.

Through the whoops.

The Sand Car Challenge, Orange Speed Center, San Bernandino.

This is a unmodified MX2.

Sand Cars entered in the challenge were supposed to be unmodified for the race.

A very successful day!

Check out that big air!


Photos courtesy of Paul Molina

Desert Racing

Night race at Coyote Wash, California





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